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story of syd's wicks



My name is Sydney Fletcher, a high school student that suddenly had a lot of extra free time in 2020.  I have always loved candles, and how they can make a room feel and smell.  I started to play around with molds and shapes with my favorite colors and scents, which in 2021, resulted in Syd’s Wicks!


After a lot of experimenting, trial and error, I am offering my favorite candle shapes. Each candle is unique with colors and scents that are hand poured here in Long Beach, CA. I love my candles because they can be used as art as well as a candle.


Syd’s Wicks are made with an all natural soy pillar blend wax. Colors may vary. We use clean scents in our candles free from carcinogens. 


Thank you for visiting my store and I hope you enjoy your candles as much as I do!


Abstract Pattern 25
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