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NEW! Smiley Face Candle will brighten up your room! Choose your own custom colors.Each candle is unique as they are handpoured in small batches.  Color and scents vary slightly by each batch.  Approximately 6 hours of burning time.


Candles are made with an all natural soy pillar blend wax. Colors may vary. We use clean scents in our candles free from carcinogens. 

Handmade in California

Size:  6" High x 2.5" Width

Smiley Face Candle

Eye and Smile Color
Circle Face Color
  • Candles ship from Southern California within 3-5  days after receipt of order.  Orders ship USPS. 

  • Always burn within site.  Keep away from items that catch fire and Keep away from children/pets.

    Trim wick to 1/4" each time you light your candle shape. Make sure to burn candle on a heat reistant surface or a suitable holder, as the wax melts, you will want something under to catch it.   If you have any questions about your candle, please email us!

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